Adapting To Change At The Andela Bootcamp

Been part of the applicants selected for the Andela’s Bootcamp has made me grow tremendously in terms of my technical and soft skills.

I have always been cool with people I meet before coming for Andela’s Bootcamp based on how friendly I find you, but coming to work with people that I had no choice to select if they are cool or not, have really been a great change for me in terms of me been able to adapt to change. The video on adaptability I watched before coming to the boot-camp was really helpful to me in adapting to this change quickly.

Learning JavaScripts for building server-side applications (Node Js) has never been on my bucket list because I was using languages like Python and PHP for server-side applications. This reflects back to the question I ask my interviewer on the day I was interviewed, the question was “Is there a specific stack for each developer at Andela?” , the answer I got was no and he further explained to me that I have to be a developer that is very flexible and good with adapting to change quickly.

The videos watched and all the questions I have asked have really been a great tool for me at being able to adapt to change, I plead that these kinds of videos should continue to be available for the boot-campers at Andela because they are aspiring Andelan


I'm a software engineer who likes breaking stereotypes

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