Equitable Capitalism

  • Drives innovation:
  • Wealth creation:
  • Monopoly:
  • Wealth Inequality:
  • Crony capitalism:
Equality vs Equity

Government involvement:

Good laws:
Alright, so this seems obvious, just put in place policies that discourage the cons of capitalism (monopoly, wealth inequality, and crony capitalism). If it’s that easy, exploitation of resources by capitalists to enrich themselves won’t be happening which in return favors the govt, remember crony capitalism?

Billionaires should exist:

They have a higher chance of changing the world faster:

Humans are more connected than we realize and there will always be a food-chain in society, but it should be a controlled food-chain.

Access to capital:

You want to start a business of yours, these people are ready to give you money to start in return for owning some piece of the pie.



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