Leading A Team

Know your team goals/objectives:

To lead a team successfully, you need to know the goal of the team first: where it is coming from, where it is at the moment, where it needs to be.

Draft out a plan:

No matter what you are/will be doing, you need to have a concrete plan. Having a plan is very important because it helps you think about how to achieve all your (team or individual) goals and objectives.

Delegate work to people:

Decision-making is one of the hardest things to do when leading a team because you need to know how your decisions affect the team.

Regular meeting with the team:

It is important you meet with the team regularly to know how far the team has come, get important updates from the team and also update the team.

Observe the team and revisit the plan drafted:

Remember, you will not come up with the best plan the first time, and if you did, you are a genius and you deserve some accolades!!!

Learn, grow, and learn:

To be a leader, you must be competent and show some level of expertise in what you are doing.

You are not alone:

Remember, you are not alone because you are not the first to lead a team.

Be the team’s man:

You need to be the middleman between the team and the stakeholders:

Celebrate small victory:

Celebrating small victories will keep the team’s morale high, and it will also keep the positive energy flowing. When this is happening the team would be happy and success is guaranteed.

Hangout with your team:

“The recipe for burnout is all work no play.” It is important you have fun with your team, build a professional relationship with members of the team and get to know them.



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