My Expectations Of Andela’s Bootcamp

Firstly when I was selected for Andela’s boot-camp I was very happy that this is the time for me to really prove to Myself how well I have learnt after three months of intensive training on software development and three months internship and self study in the field and how well I can learn more.

I had embedded the beliefs that it has to be a beat or you get beaten two weeks sprint to get you qualified for the Andela fellowship program, after the first day of the boot-camp I realized the beliefs I embodied about the boot-camp was wrong that it is actually a program for you to be able to master the craft of “You Own Your Own” Learning, Future and Life.

Irrespective of the outcome of the boot-camp I should be able to apply the craft the above in My day to day activity , and further more embed in Myself the “EPIC” values meaning Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Collaboration and Commitment which is the additional values for the boot-camp .

Having had a change in the beliefs about the boot-camp these are what I expect from the Andela boot-camp below.

Excellence : I should be a better person and a better software developer than I was before having learn how use the YOYO and being exposed to skills like “TDD” Test Driven Development and the “SDLC’ Software Development Life Cycle using various method Like Iterative and Waterfall-model and I had checked out some on My own like the Spiral-model and the V-model. All this are what I never counted to be what makes you a better software developer, but I was wrong.

Passion: Being passionate about creating new ideas and solving problems had helped me on the first day of the boot-camp that I was able to get My work done and also put some of My colleagues that were having challenges through, being able to do this made me realized how passionate i was, and I expect more of this in the boot-camp.

Integrity: I expect I should continue doing better on this because this had really made me learnt what I never knew. Knowing you don’t know or your knowledge on a particular thing is low helps you grow. That’s integrity and I expect more of this also

Collaboration: You able to read this because your screen is outputting the content of this page and your device supports you having internet access, that’s collaboration and that is what made this article of mine available to you. I realized that collaboration helps you grow, networks and have better understanding of a particular thing which is a key to software development. My colleagues had issues at some point in the day one boot-camp challenge which i was able to help and in return at some time the same thing hits me too and they were of help. I expect that I should be able to carry My team along because the components makes up the whole system.

Commitment & Motivation: Finally staying committed and motivated is the key towards achieving a goal, and I belief this will aid My career as a software developer. This does not applies to software development alone irrespective of what I do, I will always stay committed and motivated, and I advise you reading these to do so and also a remembrance for people doing this already to continue doing this. Thank you


I'm a software engineer who likes breaking stereotypes

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